Enhancing User Experience: Unique Features and Services of IP2World


The landscape of proxy servers can often be challenging to navigate, but with IP2World, we have redefined this journey by prioritizing user experience and efficiency. Our distinguishing features – the Referral Program, the Reseller Program, and our robust customer service – are designed to empower users while offering unprecedented convenience and rewards.


Referral Program: Rewarding Advocacy


At IP2World, we value the power of community. That's why we have introduced the Referral Program, which encourages users to share their unique referral links or codes. Every new user registered via these links or codes becomes a permanent referral of the original user. With each purchase made by these referrals, the referrer earns proxy rewards ranging from 5% to 10%. The transparency of the program ensures users have clear visibility of their referral and order lists within their Dashboard, promoting consistent awareness of potential rewards.


Reseller Program: Empowering Proxy Sales


The Reseller Program is specifically designed for users engaged in proxy sales. By offering unique discount codes, we enable our resellers to earn commissions on their sales. The Dashboard conveniently displays all information related to these codes, ensuring our resellers have full control over their activities. For increased convenience and efficiency, we have incorporated a balance transfer feature that allows resellers to transfer IPs freely to facilitate their sales processes.


Customer Service: Attentive and Accessible


In addition to our innovative programs, we also pride ourselves on our customer service. Our contact information is readily available at the bottom of every page, and we have deployed automated response bots to answer general queries and direct more complex issues to our human support staff. Our instant customer service is also available on Telegram to resolve various questions.


We've created detailed FAQs and proxy guides to help users find answers to common issues and learn how to make the most of our services. We maintain a strong presence across social media platforms to keep our users informed about the latest updates and announcements. This commitment to customer service underscores our mission to support our users at every step of their proxy journey.


IP2World sets the bar high by offering over 90 million ethically sourced residential IPs worldwide, compatible with HTTP(S) & SOCKS5 protocols, and supports country, city, and ASN-level IP selection. Our professional proxy management tool, IP2 Proxy Manager, further simplifies the process, allowing our users to manage and control their proxies efficiently.


At IP2World, we blend cutting-edge technology, user-centric features, and exceptional customer service to create a proxy platform that exceeds your expectations. Experience the power of proxies like never before, only with IP2World.