Static ISP Proxies

With combined data centre and residential IP capabilities
  • 100K+ Static Residential ISP Proxies
  • Exclusive proxy with high anonymity
  • Long-Acting Duration & Unlimited Sessions
Static ISP Proxy Location
577,517 IP
209,82 IP
204,017 IP
465,142 IP
148,678 IP
188,03 IP
613,92 IP
144,305,3 IP
723,65 IP
100,840 IP

What is a static ISP proxy?

Static ISP proxies inherently originate from the data centre and are issued from the data centre but are detected as residential IPs. it is an exclusive, long-lived static IP that you can use to gain the full anonymity of a residential IP at the speed of a data centre proxy to meet your business needs.

Why choose IP2World for static ISP proxies?

100K+ Static Residential ISP Proxies
IP2World works with world-renowned ISP partners to launch static residential proxies from US, UK, DE etc., and can be selected and configured on web page or software.
As Anonymous as Residential Proxies
Static residential ISP proxies are hosted by servers of datacenter and equipped residential IP addresses assigned by ISPs.
HTTP(S) & SOCKS5 Protocols Supported
IP2World's static ISP proxy supports HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols, combining the advantages of residential proxy and datacenter proxy.
Super Fast Speed High Uptime
Static ISP proxies originate from ISPs and datacenter servers, combine the anonymity of residential proxies to ensure the highest connection success rate at the fastest speed.
Unlimited Bandwidth Domains
Static residential ISP proxies are billed by the number of purchased IPs, no matter how much traffic is consumed, how many requests are sent, and how many devices are connected at the same time.
Long-Acting Duration Unlimited Sessions
Static ISP proxies are hosted by servers of datacenter which provides a proxy network with ultra-stable performance and ultra-fast connection speed.

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Why choose IP2World for static ISP proxies?
100K+ Static HTTP(S) & SOCKS5 Proxies
Dedicated Private Fast Nonstop Proxies
High Anonymity & Unlimited Bandwidth
Best Comprehensive Performance
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Frequently asked questions
What is Static ISP Residential Proxy?
This plan is based on the amount of IP.
It is dedicated, not shared. the IP is for your use only and will not be changed until it expires.
You can choose to buy for a few days, a few weeks or a month.
Is the IP exclusive or shared?
Static ISP Residential Proxy is exclusive after purchase and can only be accessed through the authorised user account or whitelist IP set in the main account.
Why are there two ports behind each IP on the IP Management page?
One port is suitable for the whitelist IP. When the IP of the proxy device adds to whitelist, the proxy can be used without entering the username and password; The other port is suitable for User+Pass Auth. First, create at least one sub-account with username and password through the sub-user page, using the username password and IP: port to connect to the proxy, no need to whitelist any IP.
Why is the IP address not the same as the country selected when buying?
Different browsers and websites use different IP recognition database. There may be delay on some database. We'll keep updating.
For which businesses is a static residential proxy suitable?
Static residential proxy refers to a fixed residential proxy address, which is suitable for any projects with high stability and long-term requirements. Such as: social media multi-account operation, Amazon account registration, independent site account registration management, etc.
Can I integrate proxies with 3rd party software, bots and automation tools?
You can integrate IP2World proxies with various automation software programs. If your software is running on a dedicated server or local computer, just add the computer's IP to the whitelist IP list, or use User+Pass Auth to connect proxy instantly. Obtain proxy parameters in the website's dashboard.
How do I customize Static ISP plan?
If you need to customize that please contact email: [email protected]
Currently we support customizing the time of the Static ISP plan.
Want to know more about custom proxies?
Email us at for the pricing
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