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Frequently asked questions
What is an dedicated proxy?
Dedicated proxies are proxies that are used by only one user and are not shared with anyone else. They can also be called private proxies.
Why use a dedicated data center proxies?
IP2World provides geographically dedicated datacenter proxies with highly scalable options for specific target country business needs, ensuring a high success rate in accessing the network.
What are the advantages of data center proxies?
The main advantage of data center proxies over their residential counterparts is the speed demonstrated by DC proxies. This makes such proxies the best choice for business applications where proxy speed and performance may be the ultimate factor during the crawling of large amounts of data.The increased speed of DC proxies is a result of using data center servers for traffic rather than using much slower individual ISP connections.
What protocols does Dedicated Data Center Proxy support?
Dedicated Data Center Proxy supports HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols.
How fast is Dedicated Data Center Proxy?
Our speed is >5M/s.
Where can I use Dedicated Data Center Proxy?
As an individual user, you can benefit greatly from using DC Proxy when you need to organize data crawling missions on social platforms or search engines at high speed. If you are not sure how sensitive your target website is to proxy IPs, consult your proxy provider beforehand. In some select cases, residential proxies can be recommended for specific geo-sensitive missions.
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