Socks5 Proxy Usage & Service Questions

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What is Socks5 Residential Proxy?
This plan charges per IP amount and you need to download the client to use it. You can generate one or more proxy IPs for one or more browsers.
It can only be used on a successfully bound computer. Please make sure you are in the same LAN when you use it on your cell phone or simulator.
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How long does each IP last?
SOCKS5 residential proxy, a single IP binding can last for 1min - 6hours when the IP remains online. If the IP is still online, you can bind the same IP again or add it to your favorites to use it for a longer period of time. Please note that our S5 proxy is a dynamic residential IP, and the duration is random, please understand.
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I cannot connect to the proxy/The browser test proxy is invalid?
First of all, our proxy must be used in a real global International Internet environment. Please check your Internet environment through the Windows Settings Internet Proxy test connection proxy or win+r→cmd→proxy curl test command. If it cannot be connected, it means that you must Change your network environment. Secondly, try a new IP, as the previous one may not work.
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I cannot login/There is no reaction of the software?
Check your internet then totally restart the proxy software.
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How many devices can use your proxy service?
Unlimited windows PC devices can login to the same account and use proxy at the same time. More than one devices can connect to one PC’s IP2 Proxy Manager, please read proxy guides for detailed process.
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When I bind an IP address on the client, a time out message appears, how to solve it?
Our proxy does not support Mainland China environment, please check whether your network environment is correct. If you are using some VPN devices, please check whether the VPN line is stable and exclusive.

Rotating Residential Proxy Usage & Service Questions

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What is Traffic Residential Proxy?
This plan charges you for the traffic you consume, the traffic starts on the day of purchase and expires after 30 days.
You can choose a country and target some states and cities.
It is available on PC and cell phones and supports API and account secret authentication.
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Why the proxy doesn't connect to Internet?
Firstly, please check if your device is in the Full Global Internet Environment. Then close every related software, and restart all. Please check If you have already added your IP address of device to the whitelist.
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What is whitelist IP?
IP whitelist is the authentication mechanism of IP2World. Before using the web proxy service, you need to add the your current using IP address to the whitelist first, or you can add your current IP address to the whitelist automatically by generating an API link through your currently using device.
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What are the restrictions on proxy usage?
Our proxy has no limitation on the number of requests or concurrent sessions, the API link fetch frequency is one time per second, and the IP extraction number can be up to 900 at a time. If you have other additional needs, please contact customer service for assistance.
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Can the proxy set on mobile devices?
For using the generated web proxy, open the WLAN Settings of the mobile phone and select the wireless network to connect to. Click wireless network settings, and click Manual for proxy Settings. Manually enter the IP and port obtained in IP2World.
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Any limit on the number of terminal devices used?
Rotating residential plan billing is based on traffic, there is no limit on the number of concurrent sessions and simultaneous connections.
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How to use username and password authentication(User+Pass Auth) to proxy?
Username and password authentication allocates traffic by creating an authentication account for the primary account. The primary account can set username, password and traffic upper limit of authentication account and generate together with selecting country and region parameters.
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What will happen if the server IP is whitelisted by multiple accounts?
For example, if account A and account B use the same server and the server IP address is saved to account A, then the traffic will be deducted from account A. If the server IP address has been saved in account A, but account B added it again, the server IP address of account A will log out, and the traffic will be deducted from account B.
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Can the IP generated by the API link be used for a long time?
In the API proxy fetch mode, the server will be under maintenance and upgraded from time to time, and the IP:port will also change. The default change time is about 5minutes. If you use User+Pass Auth proxy mode, each IP can be used for 5-120minutes set by yourself.
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The account has traffic, but when generating an API link, it indicates insufficient balance?
Check If you have already added your IP address of the server to the whitelist. Or delete the whitelist and add it again, and request the API link again.
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Is your IP the same as the DNS region?
If you use http protocol, the DNS will be the same as the IP you are using.
If you choose socks5, it will be the local DNS
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How to judge whether the IP is invalid through the program?
In the User+Pass Auth of dashboard, the IP duration can be set, and the dynamic IP can be set for up to 120 minutes. The proxy is port forwarding, and it will automatically switch to another IP after invalidation.

Static Residential ISP Proxy Usage & Service Questions

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What is Static ISP Residential Proxy?
This plan is based on the amount of IP.
It is dedicated, not shared. the IP is for your use only and will not be changed until it expires.
You can choose to buy for a few days, a few weeks or a month.
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Is the IP exclusive or shared?
Static ISP Residential Proxy is exclusive after purchase and can only be accessed through the authorised user account or whitelist IP set in the main account.
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Why are there two ports behind each IP on the IP Management page?
One port is suitable for the whitelist IP. When the IP of the proxy device adds to whitelist, the proxy can be used without entering the username and password; The other port is suitable for User+Pass Auth. First, create at least one sub-account with username and password through the sub-user page, using the username password and IP: port to connect to the proxy, no need to whitelist any IP.
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Why is the IP address not the same as the country selected when buying?
Different browsers and websites use different IP recognition database. There may be delay on some database. We'll keep updating.
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For which businesses is a static residential proxy suitable?
Static residential proxy refers to a fixed residential proxy address, which is suitable for any projects with high stability and long-term requirements. Such as: social media multi-account operation, Amazon account registration, independent site account registration management, etc.
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Can I integrate proxies with 3rd party software, bots and automation tools?
You can integrate IP2World proxies with various automation software programs. If your software is running on a dedicated server or local computer, just add the computer's IP to the whitelist IP list, or use User+Pass Auth to connect proxy instantly. Obtain proxy parameters in the website's dashboard.
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How do I customize Static ISP plan?
If you need to customize that please contact email: [email protected]
Currently we support customizing the time of the Static ISP plan.

Unlimited Proxy Usage & Service Questions

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Difference between S5 Unlimited Porxy and Traffic Unlimited Prpxy plan?
S5 Unlimited Plan is assembled for use in the client, similar to the use of Socks5 Reidential plan, unlimited devices, unlimited traffic, unlimited IP, does not support selected regions, supports API, suitable for enterprises to use multiple accounts at the same time.
The Traffic Unlimited Plan can only be used in the Personal Center for generating proxies, similar to the way of using the Traffic Residential Proxy Plan, does not support selected regions, supports API and account secret authentication, unlimited traffic and unlimited IP.
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How should I customize Unlimited Proxy plan?
If you need to customize the Unlimited Proxy plan, please contact email: [email protected]
Currently, we do not support customizing the time and IPs of Unlimited Proxy plan.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it support UDP?
UDP is not supported at the moment, but we are working on it, so stay tuned.
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What is the speed of the internet?
Our internet speed is greater than 5M/s, but it depends on your own network.
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Why can't my proxy connect?
Please check your network settings, our proxy does not support Mainland China's network environment.
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How can I change my forgotten password?
You can click "Forgot Password" in the login screen to reset your password via mailbox.
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The purchased IP does not match the actual address?
We use ipinfo. Different browsers and websites use different IPs to identify the database. Some databases may be delayed. We are constantly updating them.

Pricing & Payment Questions

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Do you support invoicing?
Contact customer service to issue electronic invoices. Paper invoices (special invoices) need to sign a purchase contract. There is no limit on the amount of electronic invoices. The order of invoicing is from large amounts to small amounts. The issuance of small amounts is time-sensitive, and may be issued in the next month.
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How does the plan charge?
The rate of Rotating Residential plan is based on data consumption. Data consumption can be calculated according to the following formula: Total data consumption = Upstream (uploaded) data + Downstream (downloaded) data.
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Generated API link does not have an account identifier, how to charge?
Judging by the whitelist, an IP address can be obtained and used only when the server IP address is in the whitelist, otherwise the IP address cannot be fetched. A whitelist IP address can only be used in one account, and data consumption is charged to the account where the whitelist IP address is located.
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Automatically Verification on Virtual Currency
For USDT and other virtual currency transfer payments, you need to transfer the virtual currency equivalent to the payable amount of the package you choose to our virtual currency address. Please ensure that the amount received is equal to the payable amount or greater than the payable amount by more than $0.01, otherwise the order will enter manual review. If the order product has not arrived for a long time, please contact customer service in time to obtain the order information.
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Do you support refund?
We do not support refund for any payment. Note that all payments are final, so please confirm each payment process. If you feel the service has difficulties to use, please contact customer service we are willing to help you solve using problems.

IP2 Proxy Manager Usage & Service Questions

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What plans does IP2 Proxy Manager support?
Support S5 proxy, Static ISP proxy, S5 Unlimited proxy.
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Does IP2 Proxy Manager support switching languages?
English and Chinese are supported.
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Is IP2 Proxy Manager available for purchase?
It can be purchased on the price page.
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What is the local IP of the IP2 Proxy Manager?
The local IP is automatically detected by our client side. When your local network environment does not support the use of the client side, it will appear red. At this time, it is recommended that you check the network environment and click the "Check" button to re-check your local IP.
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Can I set the port of the proxy in the IP2 Proxy Manager?
The starting port and the number of ports can be set in the settings.
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What is the purpose of the bulletin board in the upper right corner of IP2 Proxy Manager?
The bulletin board informs you of the latest events and announcements.
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What do the terms "available" and "online" in the 24H list mean?
When both "Available" and "Online" show true, it means that the IP can be used normally. When "Available" shows false, it means that the IP has been more than 6 hours and needs to be rebound before you can continue to use the IP. When "Online" shows false, it means that the IP has been offline. Even if "Available" shows true, you need to wait until the IP is online before you can use it.
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Does the 24H list only display IPs bound within 24 hours?
Yes, it will be automatically cleared after 24 hours. If it is very suitable for this IP, you can bookmark the IP to your Favorites.
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What are Favorites for?
Favorites means that you can collect your favorite IP and frequently used IP and note the IP. You can see all your favorite IPs in Favorites and can bind your favorite IPs again.
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How to use API links?
You can use it in the corresponding fingerprint browser or software, or you can copy the API link to the browser to open and display the IP bound through the API.
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How to update to the latest version?
You can click Update in the lower left corner of the client side, or you can download the latest version of the client side on the official website.
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Do static ISPs have to be whitelisted?
Yes, static ISP proxies must add a whitelist, please note that the whitelist is limited to 10.
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Can I renew within IP2 Proxy Manager?
At present, we support static ISP proxy renewal on the client side, other packages need to go to the official website for purchase renewal. Static ISP proxy.
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Is static ISP renewal deducted from static IP balance?
Yes, static ISP proxies need to have the balance of the corresponding time limit to renew on the client side. For example: Virginia static IP with ten 30-day valid period can renew the bound Virginia IP for 30 days on the client side.
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