Rotating Residential Proxies of IP2World


Rotating residential proxies are becoming an increasingly popular tool for various online activities like web scraping, managing social media accounts, ad verification, and more. Their ability to provide a new IP address with each request makes them ideal for avoiding blocks and bans when collecting large amounts of data or controlling multiple accounts. If you're looking to leverage rotating residential proxies, IP2World offers a robust and flexible solution.

Overview of IP2World Proxies

IP2World provides access to a pool of over 90 million residential IP addresses spanning Rotating Residential Proxies over 220 regions globally. Their network includes both rotating and static residential proxies supporting HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5 protocols. 

Several key factors make IP2World's offering stand out:

- Massive IP pool: With over 90 million addresses, the network can handle very high volumes of requests without IP exhaustion. The pool is continuously expanding.

- Global coverage: Proxies are available in over 220 regions worldwide, making it easy to target any geography.

- Flexible access: Proxies can be accessed via an API or using username/password authentication directly in your apps.

- Affordable pricing: Rotating proxies start at just $0.8 per GB valid for 6 months. Static proxies are available for those needing persistent IP addresses.

- Precise targeting: Users can target at a city or ASN-level to pinpoint specific locations.

- Unmetered bandwidth Unlimited Residential Proxies: There are no bandwidth restrictions, allowing unlimited use.

- Concurrent sessions: Similar to bandwidth, you can run as many concurrent sessions as required.

- Powerful software: The proprietary proxy manager software makes it easy to configure and use residential proxies in your workflows.

Optimized for Key Use Cases

IP2World proxies are optimized to seamlessly integrate into a variety of popular applications:

- Web scraping and crawling: Frequently changing IPs allow scraping large sites without getting blocked.

- Social media bots: The proxies can automate posting across accounts without triggering platform bans.

- Ad verification: Managing multiple test accounts is made easy for verifying ad campaigns.

- Market research: Target any geography to analyze trends, pricing data, and more. 

- Brand protection: Detect infringement and scraper bots visiting your sites.

- Academic surveys: Conduct region-specific surveys by targeting participants.

- Sneaker bots: Cop in-demand sneaker drops without needing local proximity.

- E-commerce: Test international pricing and shipping strategies.

- Mobile ad testing: Emulate geo-distributed mobile users.

The use cases are endless. The residential nature, large pool, and precise targeting open up many possibilities.

Getting Started with IP2World 

Using IP2World's proxies is a breeze. You can access them using the following methods:

- API: The API provides instant access to the proxy pool under your account. This allows automating proxy configuration.

- Username/Password Authentication: You can manually configure proxies using the credentials provided with your account.

- Proxy Manager Software: For non-developers, the proprietary proxy manager simplifies managing and using proxies.

- Configuration Guides: Guides help you add proxies across all major browsers, apps, and tools.

IP2World also offers excellent customer support via 24/7 live chat and email. You'll never be stuck using their proxies.


IP2World makes it easy to harness the power of rotating residential proxies for your needs, even if you're new to using proxies. Their large pool, flexible access options, precise targeting capabilities, unmetered bandwidth, and helpful customer service create a robust solution for anyone from developers to casual users. If you're looking for an affordable and reliable residential proxy service, give their free trial a spin to see them in action. Just remember to abide by website terms to use their proxies ethically and legally.