How to use IP2World Proxy in Adspowder

Step 1.First register an account on the IP2World Proxy website and select the proxy you want.(Here is an example of a Rotating Residential Proxies) Step 2.Rotating Residential Proxies can be used in two ways: API and User+Pass Auth.API:To use API mode, you first need to add a whitelist.Click Get Proxies – IP Whitelist, add your local ip to whitelist.Click Get Proxies – APIUser+Pass Auth:To use User+Pass Auth mode, you first need to add a sub-account, it means accounts and passwords.Click Get proxies – Auth-User List, add your own sub-account.Click Get Proxies – User+Pass Auth Step 3Input proxy information in Adspowder to use your proxy. Step 4Open your browser to use your proxy.

How to configure Data Center Proxies?

Step 1Buy a data center proxy ip and wait 1 minute for it to arrive your account.You can find the purchased IP in the Dedicated DC Panel.Step 2Please select how you want to use the IP: Whitelist or User+Pass Authentication.If you want to use Whitelist, please choose port 2000. If you want to use User+Pass Authentication, please choose port 2333.Step 3If you choose whitelist authentication, please add your current ip to IP Allowlist.If you choose User+Pass Authentication, please add a sub-account to Auth-User List.Step 4Use your proxy on your device.

How to install IP2World Proxy on MacOS?

Please note that before installing IP2 S5 Manager, please set your security and privacy status to accept downloads from anywhere. Step 1Download the IP2World S5 Manager.Step 2Installing IP2 S5 Manager.The following problems may occur during installation: Q: “IP2 S5 Manager” can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.A: Open your Systerm Settings, click Privacy & Security, then click Open Anyway or Anywhere.Q:Can't find Anywhere in Privacy & Security?A:  Open a terminal and enter the command: sudo spctl –master-disable, then just click Return, enter your password and click Return again.Step 3 Open IP2 S5 Manger, use your proxy.

Details of IP2WORLD COIN function

Recently, many of our users have given us some feedback that some of the payment methods we currently display have problems with limiting the amount of money, so we have come up with IP2WORLD COIN, which allow you to save enough money in advance and use IP2WORLD COIN to make payments when you need to buy a proxy plan.1.     How do I top up my IP2WORLD COIN? First log in to your IP2WORLD account, in the Dashboard - Account - IP2WORLD COIN click the Recharge button to save value; you can also directly click IP2WORLD COIN in the left navigation bar of the Dashboard to save value.        2.     How do I use the IP2WORLD COIN purchase proxy plan? On the IP2WORLD Proxy Pricing page, select the IP2WORLD Proxy Plan you want, and select IP2WORLD COIN to pay for it at the time of purchase.3.     How can I check my IP2WORLD COIN stored value record and the record of purchasing proxy plan? In the Dashboard - IP2WORLD COIN, you can check the stored value history and purchase history.     4.     How can I check the remaining balance in my IP2WORLD COIN? You can check your remaining balance in the IP2WORLD COIN in the dashboard; you can also see your remaining balance when using the IP2WORLD COIN for purchasing proxy plan.5.     What are Points used for? Now when you buy an proxy plan or save the value of IP2WORLD COIN balance will be given a certain amount of bonus points, we will launch a series of member activities such as bonus points mall, bonus points redemption, bonus points lottery, please look forward to it!

Static Residential ISP Proxy Guide of IP2World

(MUST DO FOR ALL STATIC ISP PROXY USERS)1.Random Redeem Click Redeem button to get the latest buying static ISP proxy IP, this action will get a RANDOM IP address from the buying location.  2.Free Selecting As You WantStep 1:*Download and Open IP2 Proxy Manager, click ISP, Add your local IP to IP Allowlist, choose the Region and Duration you just bought static proxy plan.(For example, you just bought Virginia 1 Month)Step 2:You will find all the available Virginia Static ISP proxies, choose one IP, right click to bind one portIn ISP List, find the IP, the IP balance IP deducted one. You can renew it if you want.Step 3:Prepare connecting resources, You have 3 methods to use the Static ISP Proxy, they are IP Allowlist Mode(NO NEED IP2 PROXY MANAGER OPEN), User+Pass Auth Mode(NO NEED IP2 PROXY MANAGER OPEN) and IP2 Proxy Manager S5 Mode(IP2 PROXY MANAGER MUST OPEN ON) Login your account to IP2World Official Website, find the curl testing command:Auth-User List Create an Auth-UserStep 4:Testing the IP you just bind/bought, for example, the IP you bought is Allowlist Mode:Command model:curl -x IP:2000 ipinfo.ioPractical example:curl -x ipinfo.io User+Pass Auth ModeCommand model:curl -x IP:2333 -U "User:Pass" ipinfo.ioPractical example:curl -x -U "ip2worldproxy:ip2world" ipinfo.io IP2 Proxy Manager S5 ModeCommand model:curl -x ProxyIP:BindPort ipinfo.ioPractical example:curl -x ipinfo.io Three methods all display the IP information, which means the proxy can work normally in the current network environment. Step 5:Use/Apply the Static Residential ISP Proxy to any browser, software or project you are working on.

CDKey Usage Guide: Sharing Proxies to Friends

In the ever-changing digital landscape, flexibility and convenience are key. Understanding this need, we are thrilled to introduce our CDKey functionality, a feature specifically designed to enable a more liberal transfer of account balance among our member users.Whether you're an enterprise user looking to allocate package balances or a friend desiring to gift packages directly, our CDKey functionality enables our proxy packages to benefit more people. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the three simple steps to accomplish this.Step One: Convert Package Balance into CDKeyThe process begins by packaging your remaining balance into a CDKey. For example, the threshold for converting an S5 Residential Proxy Package is 200 IPs, and for Rotating Residential Proxies, it's 5GB.Once the conversion is complete, you can easily check the conversion history and the usage status of the CDKey in the "Generation History" section.Step Two: Send CDKey to the Desired RecipientNext, you'll need to send the generated CDKey to the user you wish to gift or transfer the package balance to. The recipient can simply paste the CDKey on the Dashboard's main page and click "Redeem." It's a seamless process that enhances user experience and strengthens connections.Step Three: Confirm the TransferFinally, the last step is to confirm the transfer. The target recipient's account will be directly credited with the CDKey's corresponding package balance. In the Generation History, the status of the CDKey will change from "Available" to "Redeemed," marking a successful transaction.ConclusionOur CDKey functionality is more than just a feature; it's a step towards creating a more integrated and user-friendly platform. It's about enabling users to connect and share in a manner that's as simple as one, two, three.With CDKeys, we're not only promoting the flexibility of balance transfer but also nurturing the sense of community among users. Whether you're a business user managing your resources or an individual who wants to share with a friend, our CDKey system is designed to make your experience enjoyable and efficient.For more tutorials and guides, stay tuned to our platform, where innovation meets convenience.

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