Details of IP2WORLD COIN function

Recently, many of our users have given us some feedback that some of the payment methods we currently display have problems with limiting the amount of money, so we have come up with IP2WORLD COIN, which allow you to save enough money in advance and use IP2WORLD COIN to make payments when you need to buy a proxy plan.1.     How do I top up my IP2WORLD COIN? First log in to your IP2WORLD account, in the Dashboard - Account - IP2WORLD COIN click the Recharge button to save value; you can also directly click IP2WORLD COIN in the left navigation bar of the Dashboard to save value.        2.     How do I use the IP2WORLD COIN purchase proxy plan? On the IP2WORLD Proxy Pricing page, select the IP2WORLD Proxy Plan you want, and select IP2WORLD COIN to pay for it at the time of purchase.3.     How can I check my IP2WORLD COIN stored value record and the record of purchasing proxy plan? In the Dashboard - IP2WORLD COIN, you can check the stored value history and purchase history.     4.     How can I check the remaining balance in my IP2WORLD COIN? You can check your remaining balance in the IP2WORLD COIN in the dashboard; you can also see your remaining balance when using the IP2WORLD COIN for purchasing proxy plan.5.     What are Points used for? Now when you buy an proxy plan or save the value of IP2WORLD COIN balance will be given a certain amount of bonus points, we will launch a series of member activities such as bonus points mall, bonus points redemption, bonus points lottery, please look forward to it!

Static Residential ISP Proxy Guide of IP2World

(MUST DO FOR ALL STATIC ISP PROXY USERS)1.Random Redeem Click Redeem button to get the latest buying static ISP proxy IP, this action will get a RANDOM IP address from the buying location.  2.Free Selecting As You WantStep 1:*Download and Open IP2 Proxy Manager, click ISP, Add your local IP to IP Allowlist, choose the Region and Duration you just bought static proxy plan.(For example, you just bought Virginia 1 Month)Step 2:You will find all the available Virginia Static ISP proxies, choose one IP, right click to bind one portIn ISP List, find the IP, the IP balance IP deducted one. You can renew it if you want.Step 3:Prepare connecting resources, You have 3 methods to use the Static ISP Proxy, they are IP Allowlist Mode(NO NEED IP2 PROXY MANAGER OPEN), User+Pass Auth Mode(NO NEED IP2 PROXY MANAGER OPEN) and IP2 Proxy Manager S5 Mode(IP2 PROXY MANAGER MUST OPEN ON) Login your account to IP2World Official Website, find the curl testing command:Auth-User List Create an Auth-UserStep 4:Testing the IP you just bind/bought, for example, the IP you bought is Allowlist Mode:Command model:curl -x IP:2000 ipinfo.ioPractical example:curl -x ipinfo.io User+Pass Auth ModeCommand model:curl -x IP:2333 -U "User:Pass" ipinfo.ioPractical example:curl -x -U "ip2worldproxy:ip2world" ipinfo.io IP2 Proxy Manager S5 ModeCommand model:curl -x ProxyIP:BindPort ipinfo.ioPractical example:curl -x ipinfo.io Three methods all display the IP information, which means the proxy can work normally in the current network environment. Step 5:Use/Apply the Static Residential ISP Proxy to any browser, software or project you are working on.

CDKey Usage Guide: Sharing Proxies to Friends

In the ever-changing digital landscape, flexibility and convenience are key. Understanding this need, we are thrilled to introduce our CDKey functionality, a feature specifically designed to enable a more liberal transfer of account balance among our member users.Whether you're an enterprise user looking to allocate package balances or a friend desiring to gift packages directly, our CDKey functionality enables our proxy packages to benefit more people. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the three simple steps to accomplish this.Step One: Convert Package Balance into CDKeyThe process begins by packaging your remaining balance into a CDKey. For example, the threshold for converting an S5 Residential Proxy Package is 200 IPs, and for Rotating Residential Proxies, it's 5GB.Once the conversion is complete, you can easily check the conversion history and the usage status of the CDKey in the "Generation History" section.Step Two: Send CDKey to the Desired RecipientNext, you'll need to send the generated CDKey to the user you wish to gift or transfer the package balance to. The recipient can simply paste the CDKey on the Dashboard's main page and click "Redeem." It's a seamless process that enhances user experience and strengthens connections.Step Three: Confirm the TransferFinally, the last step is to confirm the transfer. The target recipient's account will be directly credited with the CDKey's corresponding package balance. In the Generation History, the status of the CDKey will change from "Available" to "Redeemed," marking a successful transaction.ConclusionOur CDKey functionality is more than just a feature; it's a step towards creating a more integrated and user-friendly platform. It's about enabling users to connect and share in a manner that's as simple as one, two, three.With CDKeys, we're not only promoting the flexibility of balance transfer but also nurturing the sense of community among users. Whether you're a business user managing your resources or an individual who wants to share with a friend, our CDKey system is designed to make your experience enjoyable and efficient.For more tutorials and guides, stay tuned to our platform, where innovation meets convenience.

IP2World Meets SwitchyOmega: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhancing Your Proxy Browsing Experience

In a world where access to information is sometimes limited by geographical restrictions, proxy management tools are essential for those who want to navigate the Internet without barriers. Two such tools that stand out in the crowd are IP2World and SwitchyOmega. Let's explore what they are, how they work, and how you can use them to create an optimal browsing experience. What is SwitchyOmega? SwitchyOmega is a free browser extension, acting as a proxy management tool. Available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, this extension allows users to effortlessly enable and disable proxies through a clean user interface, eliminating tedious clicking. How Does Proxy SwitchyOmega Work? SwitchyOmega allows users to create multiple proxy profiles and switch between them as needed. The extension provides various options to manage proxy settings, including specifying proxy settings for different websites, automatically switching proxies based on the visiting website's URL, and handling HTTP, SOCKS5 proxy authentication. SwitchyOmega Modes: 1. Proxy Servers: These act as intermediaries between a user's computer and the Internet, helping to hide the IP address or bypass regional restrictions. 2. Auto Switch Mode: Allows users to automatically switch different proxies based on the visited website. 3. PAC Scenario Mode: Allows users to define proxy rules through a piece of JavaScript code, known as a PAC script. 4. Virtual Scenario Mode: A special mode in SwitchyOmega, allowing the creation of a scenario without actual proxy servers, typically used for combining other scenarios. With SwitchyOmega, users can manage and switch proxy settings more flexibly and efficiently to fit different network environments and needs. How to Set Up an auto switch Proxy in SwitchyOmega:1. Create Proxy Profile: Select the protocol (commonly HTTP) and enter the server's IP address or hostname and port. 2. Create Switch Profile: Click the “New profile” button on the left sidebar and choose the “Switch Profile” type. 3. Configure Auto Proxy Mode: This involves creating new profiles, adding conditions, setting a default proxy, and applying changes. Benefits of Automatic Proxy Mode:- Time-Saving: Automatically switches to the proper proxy.- Flexibility: Detailed rules for different sites or conditions.- Increased Security: Configures dedicated proxies for sensitive websites.- Custom Rules: Create complex rules, including using wildcards and regex. SwitchyOmega is a powerful feature for users requiring flexible and automated proxy management. Limitations and Considerations: While SwitchyOmega is convenient and free, it's essential to note that it does not provide anonymity or unblock websites by itself. It requires trusted proxy servers(IP2World) or VPNs to be used in conjunction with SwitchyOmega. And as always, it is crucial to ensure online security by using trusted proxies. Integrating IP2World with SwitchyOmega:IP2World is a proxy service that allows users to connect through proxies in various locations, expanding access to content across the globe. When combined with the Auto Switch feature of SwitchyOmega, users can further optimize their experience by employing IP2World proxies to automatically switch based on the visited website.Here's how to apply IP2World proxy to SwitchyOmega's Auto Switch Mode:1. Obtain the IP2World Proxies: Choose the desired proxy from IP2World according to your needs.2. Create and Configure the Proxy Profile in SwitchyOmega: Use the IP2World proxy details to create a new proxy profile, selecting the appropriate protocol and entering the IP address and port.(Here we only decribe the process of integrating SOCKS5 Residential Proxies of IP2World, and IP2World Proxy Service also provides Rotating Residential Proxies and Static Residential ISP Proxies. These proxy plans can also apply to SwitchyOmega)3. Set Up Auto Switch Mode: Define rules in the Auto Switch mode for specific domains or conditions using the IP2World proxy.4. Apply and Test: Save the configurations and test the setup to ensure it's working as expected.By integrating IP2World with SwitchyOmega, users can enjoy a seamless browsing experience that automatically connects through the optimal proxy based on their specific needs.Conclusion:SwitchyOmega, coupled with IP2World, offers a robust solution for users seeking a streamlined and customized browsing experience. While SwitchyOmega facilitates proxy management, integrating it with IP2World proxies brings it to a whole new level, allowing users to effortlessly switch between various proxies based on the site they are visiting. This combination not only saves time but ensures a more secure and flexible browsing experience. Make sure to handle these tools with care, considering the legal aspects, and always use trusted proxies. Happy browsing!

Ultimate Guide to IP2World's Traffic Unlimited Residential Proxies

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to traffic unlimited residential proxies. In today's digital landscape, proxies play a crucial role in ensuring privacy, security, and unrestricted access to online content. In this guide, we will explore the features, benefits, and practical usage of traffic unlimited residential proxies. Whether you are a novice or an experienced user, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and tools to harness the full potential of residential proxies. Today, we will introduce the features and usage methods of our Unlimited Traffic Rotating Residential Proxies. Benefits of our Unlimited Residential Proxy Package: Infinite Traffic: Enjoy the freedom of unlimited bandwidth, ensuring seamless browsing, data collection, and high-volume tasks without worrying about usage limits. Unlimited IPs: Gain access to an extensive pool of real residential IP addresses, enabling you to switch between IPs effortlessly and maintain a diverse online presence. Unlimited Requests: Harness the power of unlimited concurrent requests, allowing you to gather data, scrape websites, and perform various tasks with exceptional speed and efficiency. Real Clean Residential Proxies: Trust in the authenticity and cleanliness of our residential proxies, providing you with reliable and legitimate IP addresses sourced from real residential networks. The main difference between this type of proxy and Dynamic Rotating Residential Proxies is that you cannot specify a specific geographic location for usage. However, the overall usage methods are quite similar.First, let's begin with the API mode. While the API mode doesn't provide national-level location targeting, it does support the selection of HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols. Start by selecting the desired proxy protocol and adding your current IP address to the whitelist. After completing these steps, you will be able to generate a list of proxies. If you intend to use the API mode proxy on other devices with different IP addresses, please make sure to add those IP addresses to the IP Allowlist before utilizing the proxy. By clicking on the open link, you will be able to generate a list of proxies. Proxy setup successful!Here are a few important points to keep in mind:- In API mode, the IP address will automatically rotate with each request. The default rotation time for each IP is set to 5 minutes.- You have the flexibility to integrate the API link into other applications or script codes. For example, in the configuration of an anti-detection browser, the API can be directly adapted to the browser. When applying, enter the quantity as 1.User+Pass AuthenticationWe can test the IP proxy using the curl command. Let's make two requests to the proxy and observe the IP addresses returned. We have the function "each request changes IP" working correctly, we see two different IP addresses in the responses.After checking the two IPs on an IP detection website, we can confirm that they are real ISP type IPs, excellent! Here are some additional tips for you: 1. Select the authorized user: Choose the authorized user that you want to use. Creating an authorized account is crucial for username-password authentication mode. You can create an authorized account by clicking on "Create Auth Users" or "Auth-User List" on the left side. 2. Choose the IP rotation mode: Decide whether you want to use random IP mode or sticky IP mode. In random IP mode, the proxy will change the IP with each new connection request or at random intervals. In sticky IP mode, you can set the session duration (1-30 minutes) after which the IP will automatically switch. You can also manually change the IP by editing the session code. 3. HOST, PROXY USERNAME, and PROXY PASSWORD: These are important pieces of information required when applying the proxy in various scenarios. 4. CURL test command: Use this command to test the applicability of the current environment and the connectivity of the proxy. Only when the CURL command successfully retrieves the IP information, can you confirm that your current network environment and IP proxy are functioning correctly. 5. Batch generation of proxy lists: This feature allows you to generate proxy lists in bulk. You can choose the order of IP:PORT:USERNAME:PASSWORD and directly copy the generated result to use in the program where you need to apply the proxy. Each line in the batch-generated list represents a different IP. In the delayed IP mode, this function will automatically generate random session characters for each line. This makes it convenient and quick to use the generated proxy list. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or need assistance! Conclusion: Congratulations! You have reached the end of our comprehensive guide to traffic unlimited residential proxies. We hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights into the world of proxies and their immense potential. Traffic unlimited residential proxies offer you the freedom, security, and flexibility to navigate the online landscape with ease. Remember to always prioritize ethical and responsible proxy usage. Respect the terms of service of websites you visit and comply with local regulations. As you embark on your proxy journey, feel free to explore our wide range of proxy solutions and consult our support team for any further assistance. Embrace the power of traffic unlimited residential proxies and unlock new possibilities in your online activities.Stay connected, protected, and unrestricted with traffic unlimited residential proxies.

Comprehensive Guide to Using SOCKS5 Residential Proxy on IP2 Proxy Manager

Introduction: In the realm of secure and efficient internet browsing, the role of a powerful proxy management system can't be overstated. SOCKS5 Residential Proxy, as one of the offerings on the IP2 Proxy Manager, presents a robust solution for both individuals and enterprises. This guide aims to provide a detailed explanation of how to optimally utilize SOCKS5 Residential Proxy within the IP2 Proxy Manager, covering crucial elements such as the selection of proxy packages, IP address binding, and leveraging the various features of the software.On the IP2 Proxy Manager, there are currently three types of proxy packages available for use, namely: SOCKS5 Residential Proxies, Static Residential ISP Proxies, and S5 Unlimited Proxies.  SOCKS5 Residential Proxies:First, you need to confirm your local IPv4. The IPv4 address displayed at the Local Proxy is the PC's IPv4 address automatically detected by the software (you can also manually look it up: Win + R → cmd → ipconfig). This IPv4 address will be used as proxy information inputted into the proxy configuration when using mobile (you cannot apply on Mobile devices, although can also serve as a proxy IP with the same effect of your own IPv4 on the PC).  Local IP displays the IP of the current network environment detected by the software. If the detection button is green, it indicates that the current network environment is normal and usable. If your network environment changes, it is recommended to click the network environment detection button to confirm the environment is normal before proceeding to the next proxy operation.In TodayList, you can view the IPs that have been bound to ports in the past 24 hours. It supports binding to different ports and can be added to the favorites. Each binding deducts one IP balance. Each binding starts the timer from the BindTime, and can last for up to 6 hours. After 6 hours, binding again will result in one IP further charge. If both 'Available' and 'Online' are true, it means that the IP can be used normally within 6 hours after BindTime;If 'Available' is False and 'Online' is true, it means that the IP has exceeded 6 hours since the last binding and needs to be re-bound to be usable;If 'Online' is False, it means that the IP is offline, and is unusable regardless of whether it is bound or not.In the Favorites section, you can save up to 100 IPs, which is convenient for re-binding after the first BindTime exceeds 24 hours (it can only be re-bound if 'Online' is True). You can also add remarks to the IP routes for the convenience of team collaboration. The IP2 proxy manager software allows you to log into the same account and bind the same IP for simultaneous use on an unlimited number of devices. However, using the same IP on different devices requires separate charges for each device.About API Usage, you can check this web page.IP2World Proxy Manager API GuideWithin the duration of the purchased plan, you can bind and use IPs an unlimited number of times in more than 50 countries, with unlimited traffic and support for HTTP(S) and SOCKS5 protocols. For instructions on how to use Static Residential ISP Proxies on the IP2 Proxy Manager, please refer to the tutorial page below.IP2World Static Residential ISP Proxy GuideIn settings, you can set the beginning port. It is generally recommended to set the beginning port to less than 65,000, with the maximum number of ports that can be bound at the same time being 500. Conclusion:In essence, mastering the use of SOCKS5 Residential Proxy on the IP2 Proxy Manager ensures that you fully exploit the advantages of this particular proxy package. With features designed to support port switching, IP binding, favorite lists creation, and collaborative operations via the remark functionality, this tool is user-centric and adaptable. Keep in mind that effectively navigating through the intricacies of proxy management becomes a straightforward task when you comprehend its mechanisms. Experience secure and efficient browsing with SOCKS5 Residential Proxy on IP2 Proxy Manager!

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