How to use IP2World Proxy in Adspowder

Step 1.First register an account on the IP2World Proxy website and select the proxy you want.(Here is an example of a Rotating Residential Proxies) Step 2.Rotating Residential Proxies can be used in two ways: API and User+Pass Auth.API:To use API mode, you first need to add a whitelist.Click Get Proxies – IP Whitelist, add your local ip to whitelist.Click Get Proxies – APIUser+Pass Auth:To use User+Pass Auth mode, you first need to add a sub-account, it means accounts and passwords.Click Get proxies – Auth-User List, add your own sub-account.Click Get Proxies – User+Pass Auth Step 3Input proxy information in Adspowder to use your proxy. Step 4Open your browser to use your proxy.

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